Tax Help: IRS Debt Settlement

Many American Taxpayers are living today in the shadow of IRS Debt. Whether they have not filed

a tax return in years, or they have a balance that they try not to think about. The tough thing is, it’s hard to put things like penalties, interest, bank levies, and wage garnishments out of mind. It is enough to give a taxpayer undue stress and worry. 

The good news is the IRS allows you to obtain help from licensed professionals in order to streamline the Debt Settlement, Hardship, and Payment Plan process. If you need tax relief, feel free to contact True Tax Resolutions Inc. You can go to or call 773-609-4TAX for a free no obligation phone consultation with a licensed Enrolled Agent.

True Tax Resolutions is a company dedicated to providing the highest caliber of tax help services to the business and individual taxpayers of America. Whether your issue is with the IRS or the State we can help you. We help businesses and Individuals file current and past due tax returns. We also help clients with tax debt settlement, tax debt payments plans, wage garnishment removal, levy lifts, and obtaining hardship status. Call 773-609-4TAX or email for a free no obligation consultation with a tax professional.







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